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Revenue & Emissions

Describes how the Mean DAO makes money

Revenue Streams

The Mean Protocol makes revenue for the DAO by charging different fees for SDK operations and cross-program invocation (CPI) transactions as described below.

Payment Streaming Fees

Specific operations of the Payment Streaming Protocol have an associated fee, as described below.
Create Stream
0.000010 SOL
Flat fee paid by the treasurer creating the new money stream.
Add Funds
0.000025 SOL
Paid by the contributor of the funds being added to the money stream.
Create Stream with Funding
0.000035 SOL
Doing both Create Stream and Add Funds in the same transaction, and requires the fees from both operations.
Paid for by the beneficiary collecting the funds (in the SPL token being withdrawn).
Propose Update
0.000010 SOL
Flat fee paid by the author of the proposal.
Close Stream
0.00001 SOL
+ 0.25%
Flat fee paid by the caller (either the treasurer or the beneficiary). The 0.25% is paid from the SPL escrowed vested amount and is paid by the beneficiary.

Hybrid Liquidity Fees

When performing swaps and exchanges of tokens using the Liquidity Aggregator, the difference between the best rate and second best is calculated, and 50% of that is charged as the fee. No fee is charged if the best and second-best rates are equal. This guarantees MeanFi remains the best option to swap for investors while helping fund the development of the best exchange on Solana.


The Decentralized Dollar Cost Average program on the Mean Protocol has no fees for deposits, scheduling, or any of its operations. It charges a flat 0.5% fee upon withdrawal of the exchanged funds from the DCA Vault.

Multisig Fees

These are fees incurred for using the multisig smart contract directly.
Multisig Create
0.02 SOL
Flat fee paid by the treasurer when creating a new multisig safe.
Multisig Proposal
0.02 SOL
Flat fee paid by the initiator of each proposal submitted for multisig approval.

MeanFi Fees

These are fees incurred for using the MeanFi app directly.
Fiat Deposits
Fiat deposits from your Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Account, Wire, or FTX account into your wallet.
Fiat Withdrawals
Fiat withdrawals from your wallet into your bank account.

Revenue Distribution

To ensure the long-term health of the Mean DAO and the economics of the MEAN governance token, we have in place from day one the Dividends Program. The program provides further alignment and upwards price pressure of the MEAN token by creating a closed feeding cycle between revenues and MEAN token holders.
  1. 1.
    40% of all revenue is reserved for the Dividends Program, which is split as:
    • 40% to the Staking Rewards Vault, to be distributed to MEAN Stakers
    • 30% to the Incentive Programs Vault, to be used for MEAN Incentives to developers and partners
    • 30% to the Community Treasury Vault, to be allocated by the community as we (the community) see fit through MIPs and votes.
  2. 2.
    40% is reserved towards the DAO Operating Vault, used to run operations and fund development and maintenance of the Mean Protocol
  3. 3.
    The remaining 20% of the revenue is held in the DAO Treasury Vault.


MEAN token emissions occur in real-time on a monthly schedule according to tokenomics.
A portion of these emissions is budgeted on a quarterly basis for the DAO Community Management. These budgets are further reviewed on a monthly basis and adjusted based on needs and budget proposals.
The community management token emissions are sent to the Community Treasury. The rest of the token emissions (for operations and development) are sent to the Labs Treasury.
The Community Treasury is a multisig treasury managed by a 3 of 5 MultiSig Treasurer consisting of two (2) Ambassadors and three (3) Core Team members. All treasurers must be in different time zones and different countries.