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Treasury & AUMs

The assets under the Mean DAO organization
The Mean DAO Treasury consist of assets accumulated by the organization from its revenues that its further used to grow and support our Mission & Vision.
Treasury assets are divided into two main saves:
  • Community Safe (for Community-Led Projects): These are the assets that can be allocated and controlled directly by the community vote and grants committee.
  • Labs Safe (for Product, Reserves, and Operations Treasury): These are assets that are only controlled by the core team, and have been budgeted for long-term support of the products and their development.

Community Treasury Safe

The Community Safe is a treasury managed by a 3 of 5 Mean MultiSig consisting of two (2) Ambassadors and three (3) Core Team members. All treasurers must be in different time zones and different countries.


The emissions received into the CM Treasury should be budgeted and allocated into three (3) different categories
  • Fixed Expenses: Expenses that happen regularly, like SaaS subscriptions needed to run operations, or the basic compensation for ambassadors (details below)
  • OKR Rewards: The costs associated with running incentive programs, bounties, and projects with a clear KPI and weekly OKR.
  • Reserves: The unused portion of the OKR Rewards allocation bucket accumulates into the reserves of the CM Treasury. This may happen from time to time when OKRs are missed, or when not enough initiatives/projects are organized. Since reserves accumulate, they may be used to augment future variable expenses when bigger payouts are needed.
This diagram shows the overall relationship between the parties involved in Community Management.
To further understand these sub-organizations and treasuries of the Mean DAO, please refer to the CM home page.

Operating Treasury Safe

The Labs Safe holds funds for reserves, product maintenance, and operations. It is a treasury managed by a 3 of 5 Mean MultiSig consisting of all Core Team members.

Other AUM

Other additional assets under management (AUM):
  • The Mean Protocol: Open Source Defi rules and interoperable smart contracts on Solana that help application developers facilitate everyday banking workflows and investment banking operations.
  • The Incentive Programs Safe: Funds for the exclusive use of incentive programs that reward DAO members and MEAN token holders through financial instruments such as incentivized liquidity pools, cross-program-invocations compensation, promotional fee refunds, etc. This is a 2/3 vault.
  • The Staking Rewards Safe: Funds are reserved for MEAN Staking Rewards. This is a 2/3 vault.
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