Community Management Manifesto v3.0 - Oct 2022
Mean DAO is a self-organized community with assistance from the Core Team and DAO members.
This Community Manifesto describes the rules of engagement for making the most out of each interaction with the Mean DAO to create a vibrant community in a sustainable way.
Since inception, we have had quite a vibrant community, and a natural question anyone can ask is: WHY CHANGE IT? Well, change is the only constant in Mean DAO, and we think we can make it better.
One of the main issues we have is coordinating STRATEGY between the DAO members, the core team, and the community at large. Being that lots of people have lots of ideas every day, and the DAO incentivizes this behavior, it is only natural that we sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves in executing announcements or promoting parts of our products.
This document lays out the foundation for the next evolution of the Mean DAO Community Management by addressing these issues.
The primary takeaway from this Community Manifesto is that the Mean DAO is changing the way it rewards the community from “REWARDING THE EFFORT” to “REWARDING THE RESULT”.