Skill Forces

Skill Forces are labor pools to organize specialized skillsets into a single location.
A Skill-Force is a talent pool that organizes people with special skills into a common group or location. Having Skill-Forces gives DAO members a direct way to access a source of skilled talents. Examples include the Writers' Skill Force, Translators Skill Force, Marketers Skill Force, etc.
Skill-Forces are open to all Level 1+ members.

How to join a Skill Force?

Joining a Skill Force is simple. In the DAO Discord Server, head over to the #⚔️skill-role-select channel and find the pinned message, react with the proper emoji to assign yourself to a Skill Force. From there, you'll have access to the Skill Force channel, where all other members of that skill force are part of, and where new work requests and projects will be posted. Also, whenever the relevant @Role tag is used, you will receive a notification.