On-chain governance

Mean DAO governance helps determine the future of the organization - Updated Oct 2022
Governance is the process of collective decision-making on certain rules and directions for Mean DAO. Given we are a protocol DAO that makes products, the governance proposals are geared toward code maintenance, roadmap, and future releases of our on-chain products.
MEAN is the governance token whose ownership grants voting rights on proposals to dictate Mean Protocol's future.
Always do your research when voting. There is a Governance channel category in Mean DAO's Discord to discuss proposals and ask any questions you may have.
Update - Oct 2022
Mean DAO has moved all its proposals and governance on-chain onto Realms

The process of submitting a proposal

Mean DAO members can submit a proposal to that range from the improvement of the Protocol all the way to improve the health of the community, the token, to attract new developers and growth to name a few. The steps are fairly simple as mentioned below:
1- Start by discussing your ideas on the #general-chat channel of the Mean DAO Discord
2- As the idea gains momentum and traction and has a more defined structure, then one can move that to the #proposals channel
3- Get the token holders and DAO members involved early into the conversation to ensure that the proposal being drafted and submitted follows the DAO's guidelines and is aligned to the Vision, Mission and Values
4- Now it's time to take the mature proposal and move it to the Forums section to collect any additional questions, feedbacks and suggestions from the DAO members.
5- Time to finally move the proposal to vote on Realms.
6- Congratulations your proposal is now approved.
There are circumstances where a proposal might be rejected or declined due to various reasons. Some of them are listed below:
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of ownership
  • Missing information such as timeline, deliverables, budget
Having a proposal declined is not a sign that a DAO member should not show active participation in the construction and delivery of a proposal rather it is just a learning curve to improve on those proposal and to present better, clear and well-articulated ones.