About the the Mean DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

What is Mean DAO?

Mean DAO is a protocol DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) with a single purpose:
To build the decentralized products and blockchain infrastructure necessary to act as the financial equalizer for people and businesses worldwide.
DAOs are the future of organizations and collectives. We have no doubts in our minds about this, and is one of the reasons we decided to organize Mean Protocol around a DAO structure. Even though DAOs are still early on the foundational concepts, they have already proven to be a powerful evolution over centralized company planning and execution.
As a protocol DAO, our philosophy is product quality and community first. Projects and people from across the DeFi space can come together to collaborate and vote to build the best products for the future of finance. Being a DAO means builders, investors, and users all have an aligned economic incentive to move us forward fast while benefiting all parties fairly.

A good fence

Good fences make good neighbors - Proverb
With all the love we have for DAOs, let's get some things out of the way since a lot of concepts are viewed by different people with different lenses. This is ours regarding what Mean DAO is and, equally important, what it is NOT:
Mean DAO is
Mean DAO is NOT
DAO = transparency
DAO = shared-responsibility
DAO = guaranteed-ownership
DAO = better-representation
DAO = decentralized redundancy
DAO = independent-thinking
DAO = individual-liberties
DAO = results-driven-rewards
DAO != naked-org-anyone-crashes
DAO != celebration-of-entitlements
DAO != everything-is-decided-by-everyone
DAO != ask-for-permission-for-every-move
DAO != headless-organization
DAO != group-thinking
DAO != share-everything-with-everybody
DAO != central-treasury-planning
Mean DAO is an organization with leadership and structure, and the best way to think about being a part of it and how it compares with a traditional company rests in the following benefits:
  1. 1.
    Any MEAN token holder from across the world can exercise their DAO membership with voting rights that can alter the future of the organization.
  2. 2.
    MEAN holders that stake and lock their governance tokens can enjoy revenue sharing from the organization as distributions.
  3. 3.
    Any person can become a valuable contributor to a DAO working group and earn compensation from the organization treasury for their contributions