Setup a Multisig Safe

How to setup a multisig wallet in Solana in less than 5 minutes
Setting up a multisig safe wallet is quick, fast, and easy, and no coding experience is required!

Why a Multisig Safe?

The concept of multisig is nothing new to the web3 space. Investors, VC’s, startups, founders, DAOs, and even NFT and Metaverse teams utilize multisig wallets as a core part of operations. Multisig Safes help teams remove single-point of failure and single-point of attack vectors for hacks, so they can keep their funds safe. It is a fundamental risk-mitigation strategy to protect corporate/team assets from internal or external bad actors that can put collective assets at risk.
Learn more about the evolution of on-chain asset management by reading our SuperSafe Whitepaper.

Steps To Setup

Step 1 - Go to and login with your favorite wallet
Login to with your favorite wallet
Step 2 - Click on the Multisig option on the main menu
Step 3 - Click "Create safe" and give it a name and add the signers.
Creating a Multisig Safe in Solana
We recommend at least 3 signers with a threshold of 2 required signatures to execute transactions. This is called a 2/3 Multisig, and it guarantees redundancy and disaster recovery while removing single-party risk.
Step 4 - Drink coffee and tap yourself in the back. Your Multisig SuperSafe is ready!


Can I have more than one multisig safe?
Answer: Yes, there's no limit to the number of safes you can act as a signer.
How do I deposit funds into my safe?
Answer: Your safe has an address, just like any other account. Simply click-to-copy, and share with whoever wants to send funds there.
Can I change the signers from my safe?
Answer: Yes. If you want to alter the safe structure click on the "Edit Safe" menu item. Note that to change the name or signers of the safe you'll need consensus based on the threshold of your account. I.e if you have a 2/3 you'll need 2 signatures to execute the change.
Can secure multiple tokens in the same multisig safe?
Answer: Yes, you can use your multisig safe much like a regular account. What makes a SuperSafe different is its security model, which makes it more secure to store assets. You can see all the tokens under a safe by clicking on the "View Account" button.